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Free Music Promotion

It has become a custom for bands and solo artists to promote whatever new singles or albums they have mainly for the purpose of greater sale. But as they opt to subscribe to traditional marketing strategies such as getting published in a whole page or even just a quarter of a space in a single page of a magazine or a newspaper, asking for three to five minutes airtime of a public radio station or a television network, printing posters and tarpaulins, and renting a billboard, they are actually allowing themselves to spend a fortune. Free music promotion sounds impossible and so is nonexistent. But on a second thought, it actually exists.

A new form of social networking particularly for music enthusiasts has been developed in the form of music social network websites. Anybody can be part of this network by doing a single easy step – register.

The benefits that members of music social network websites get from being part of this whole new music network include a free music promotion. Artists can register and upload the songs that they want to be promoted. The point here is that, it is completely free, easy and very effective.

The songs of different artists can be featured on the homepage of the website randomly. Other than this, they can also be featured in every page on the website to be discovered by other members of the website. The essence of a network then starts to do its work.

When a featured song happened to catch the attention of some members of the website where it is featured, these music enthusiasts can include the song in their playlists that they also share with other members, to their friends, and also to their families. They can even download this song and send it to more people. The promotion of the song now reaches a wider scope of audience in no time.

Now this is what can be called a free music promotion. But this is just the first phase of this type of online promotion. It is even possible that as soon as these members of the website, or even their acquaintances who happened to hear this song from them, develop an interest to the song, they may seek to know more about the artist who composed or sang it.

The second phase then takes its form. These music enthusiasts may follow the artist and endorse the songs themselves. They can even create a fandom where in they get updates about the activities of the artist that they happened to recognize because of the featured song in the website.

The degree of popularity of such lucky artists consequently increases as a growing number of followers start to watch all their performances. In return, the artists may keep in touch with their fans through the website. They can easily monitor their level of exposure by going over the statistics of their views and number of followers or lovers that are still provided by the website. Artists sure have found their means to success and can never ask for more.