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Jazz fusion, fusion, or jazz-rock are variants of a musical fusion genre that developed from mixing funk and R&B rhythms and the amplification and electronic effects of rock music, complex time signatures derived from non-Western music and extended, typically instrumental compositions with a jazz approach to lengthy group improvisations, often using wind and brass and displaying a high level of instrumental technique. The term "jazz rock" is often used as a synonym for "jazz fusion" as well as for music performed by late 1960s and 1970s-era rock bands that added jazz elements to their music. Some progressive rock is also labeled "fusion".

After a decade of popularity during the 1970s, fusion expanded its improvisatory and experimental approaches through the 1980s and 1990s. Fusion albums, even those that are made by the same group or artist, may include a variety of styles. Rather than being a codified musical style, fusion can be viewed as a musical tradition or approach.

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Larry Crowell
1,053 plays, 12 followers

Shreveport, United States

Metal, Rock, Fusion

Wes Ervine Aka JM Cruiz
523 plays, 1 followers

Puyallup, United States

Fusion, Jazz, Alternative

Mario Tomic
228 plays, 1 followers

Toronto, Canada

Blues, Rock, Fusion

0 plays, 0 followers

usa, United States


1 plays, 0 followers

USA, United States



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