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Experimental music refers, in the English-language literature, to a compositional tradition which arose in the mid-20th century, applied particularly in North America to music composed in such a way that its outcome is unforeseeable. Its most famous and influential exponent was John Cage (Grant 2003, 174). More loosely, the term "experimental" is used in conjunction with genre names to describe music within specific genres that pushes against their boundaries or definitions, or else whose approach is a hybrid of disparate styles, or incorporates unorthodox, new, distinctly unique ingredients (Anon. [n.d.]a). Similarly, it has sometimes been used to describe "transethnic" music: the mixture of recognizable music genres. A quite distinct sense was current in the late 1950s to describe computer-controlled composition, and the term at that time also was sometimes used for electronic music and musique concrete. "Experimental music" has also been used in music journalism as a general term of disapprobation for music departing from traditional norms.

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5,810 plays, 110 followers

Chicago, IL, United States

Rock, Progressive, Experimental

8,607 plays, 181 followers

Berlin, Germany

Pop, Rock, Experimental

Even Deeper
4,572 plays, 49 followers

Seattle, Washington, United States

Electronica, Techno, Experimental

3,116 plays, 54 followers

Leicester, United Kingdom

Experimental, Electronica, Indie

Ramona Gavrila Feat. Electroshock
1,337 plays, 9 followers

Köln, Germany

Metal, Experimental, Rock

280 plays, 8 followers

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Electronica, Ambient, Experimental

1,555 plays, 9 followers

Köln, Germany

Experimental, Metal

Fall Jog
615 plays, 1 followers

Williamsport, United States

Hip Hop, Electronica, Experimental

153 plays, 2 followers

Warminster, United Kingdom

Electronica, Experimental, Industrial

OH! G.
59 plays, 3 followers

Houston TX, United States


68 plays, 2 followers

New York, United States

Experimental, Ambient, Alternative

91 plays, 1 followers

dragon's tomb, United States

Experimental, Electronica, Ambient

Store Thousands
27 plays, 1 followers

Los Angeles, United States


Track Jacket
16 plays, 1 followers

Lynchburg, United States

Progressive, Psychedelic, Experimental

9 plays, 1 followers

Arnhem, Netherlands


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