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fficial video for "SUPERSTARS" from the forthcoming album from PERISCOPE ( Martin Swinny ) available on Zozak Records International © the native mother the native girl the dancing bear and the magician bravely tried to save the show and the owner screamed into a megaphone but the flames they continued to grow we were superstars superstars when I was young just a little native girl my mother told me don't get blinded by the little things of the world superstars we were superstars don't get blind , sparks fly we were superstars superstars superstars , everyone we shared so many things together so many things the smell of the ashes flew into the crowd as they all sat back to back but it's far past the hour is it fair that he should be attacked we were superstars we shared so many things together we were superstars native girl superstars SUPERSTARS VIDEO / LYRICS / ENGLISH : SUPERSTARS VIDEO / LYRICS / JAPANESE : Официальное видео на песню "суперзвезд" с грядущего альбома от PERISCOPE (Martin Swinny) доступны на Zozak записей International © peris c o p e .. superstars ©

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