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Emo LeBlanc


"I don't travel with a band because they are expensive" - Elvis Costello

Take a second and ask yourself what defines an earnest and hard-working Country singer/songwriter, and the name Emo LeBlanc should be at the forefront of your mind. It takes one visit to LeBlanc's myspace page to become immersed in the man who by his craft and persona exemplifies this image.
"Songs come to me in different ways," LeBlanc claims in a posted live recording of his song “Did I do the Right Thing.” "I was down in South America recently, travelling. In the middle of the night this one woke me up, and it was complete," he recounts, before launching into a narrative of tight harmonies and moral certitude. "It has to sound right and say something."
This is an audience's complete experience of Emo LeBlanc. His character is splayed across all four of his records, from his 2002 release No Apologies, to 2010's Dirty Jobs. "I am unique because I am me!" LeBlanc exclaims candidly. His unwavering principles are embedded in Dirty Jobs, a CD put together in support of the troops.
The consummate live performer, his live shows have aptly characterized another mark of his ingenuity: an unabated devotion to his audience.“Loving your audience is what it is all about,” says LeBlanc "90 minutes, no breaks and no amateurs!"
Perpetually dedicated to improving his performance, LeBlanc has worked with Brett Manning (Miley Cyrus' vocal coach) and Tom Jackson ('Nashville's Best' who has worked with Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks). He keeps shows fresh not only by regularly hiring the best freelance musicians, but also endeavoring to have independent artists open every show.
This encouragement of new talent stems from LeBlanc's roots growing up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. His initial exposure to Country music came from his father. While a young LeBlanc's musical peers were influenced by progressive rock, his influences lay with The Eagles, James Taylor, Brad Paisley, and Tom Petty. It wasn't long before Leblanc found his greatest inspirations. "Shirley Eikhart, Chris Ward, and Peter Goodale instilled the passion of music in me. After working with those three professionals that is all it took."
That acquired professional attitude has carried LeBlanc through nearly a decade of record making, garnering his musical persona and work ethic a well-deserved reputation. LeBlanc is currently pursuing a US tour and seeking local video producers to shoot at least one music video for a song from “Dirty Jobs.”
The future is bright for this ambitious songwriter. "With each new CD there is growth," he claims, intending to continue writing new material, producing CDs, and collaborating with songwriters from other regions. Audiences are on the collective edge of their seat to see what lies down the long Country road for Emo LeBlanc.

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Emo LeBlanc

The best way to find out more about Emo LeBlanc is to “Google” him.

To contact Emo LeBlanc for bookings you can call 1-731-327-4EMO

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Nashville, United States
Year Founded: 2001

Emo LeBlanc [Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Singer, Performer, ]

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