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by Digitaltraffic

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Released: October 2010

future, an album of heavy electronica, soaring synth and noise wave distortion patterns. future refers to the destiny of the human race - to explore and conquer space. future features digitalTRAFFICs unique style in which heavy rock beats blend with a spectrum of dynamic sounds, distorted chord progressions and heavy ambient colour, all strung together with hypnotising sonic layers of sci-fi sounds and noise interference. Overall a lighter soundscape album than previous releases but features hyper-dynamic sonic peaks and subtonal elements.

cosmos is a heavy noisescape track with processional synth layers over distorted drum and percussion patterns. halo is a pondering atmospheric dark heavy ambient soundscape. planet is a midtempo electronic soundscene building to a heavy noise crescendo. nebula a lighter electronic lounge sound lead synth layer with dark undertones. expanse unusual textured electronica soundscape with ambient layers of synth and sounds over a heavy progressive rhythm. (no machines were harmed in the making of this album).

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