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Star Man

by Ash Reid

1,671 plays

Released: July 2013

“Ash Reid”, named after the singer and founder of this ambitious project is the collective song-writing chemistry of Ash and his long-time friend and colleague, Tim Hodgkinson. Ash and Tim teamed up at the end of 2012 after many years of developing separately to combine their love of dance, pop and lyrical wizardry. Both Ash and Tim were trained several years apart in Classical Composition at the Conservatorium of Music, Sydney and moved on to create a plethora and wide variety of musical works in the years to follow. Both raised in Jazz, they found a love of alternative rock early on and, with the influence of many outstanding musicians, pursued and achieved great relative success in their separate ventures, performing their original tunes nation-wide on TV, radio and countless stages across the East Coast. Now, with their song-writing skills combined, they embark on their most ambitious project to date and bring you the combination of over a decade of musical experimentation and experience in all its simple and refined glory.


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